Detroit Red Wings – Al the Octopus

Al the Octopus is the mascot of the Detroit Red Wings, a professional ice hockey team based in Detroit, Michigan. Al the Octopus made his first appearance at the Detroit Red Wings home opener on October 5, 1952, when a team employee threw a live octopus onto the ice, during the team’s Stanley Cup run. At the time, the playoffs were a two-tier, best-of-seven format, and it was believed that the octopus had eight legs, representing the eight wins needed to secure the Stanley Cup. The octopus became a symbol of good luck for the team, and the tradition has continued to this day.

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During Red Wings games, Al the Octopus is known for performing various stunts and acrobatic feats during intermissions and breaks in the action. He is a popular and beloved figure among Red Wings fans and is known for his energetic and playful personality. Al the Octopus has become an iconic symbol of the Red Wings and a beloved part of the team’s history and traditions.