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All Master League Baseball Mascots

When it comes to sports, it’s not just the players that bring the excitement – it’s also the team mascots. Mascots add a special charm and energy to any game, and Master League Baseball (MLB) is no exception. From the classic mascots to the newer additions, MLB has a wide variety of characters that bring joy and entertainment to fans of all ages.

But have you ever wondered about the story behind these iconic mascots? How they were created and what do they represent? Look no further, as we delve into the world of MLB mascots and explore the rich history and vibrant personalities behind these beloved characters. So whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the MLB world, our guide to all the Master League Baseball mascots is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to learn more about these beloved sports icons. Join us on this exciting journey and discover the fascinating world of MLB mascots – we promise it will be a wild and fun ride!

ACE - Toronto Blue Jays Mascot

Toronto Blue Jays Mascots

The Canadians can be wacky at times. This time, they’ve gone the whole hog and threw plenty of mascots onto the field. Now that’s not a bad thing and it certainly makes for an interesting historical overview.  First of all, all of its mascots have been blue jays (Cyanocitta cristata for all the biologists among you) – the bird the team was named after. However, the color blue is also ...
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rangers mascot - Rangers Captain

Texas Rangers – Rangers Captain

Texas Rangers Mascot – Rangers Captain In line with the conservative style of many Texans, the Rangers decided to hold off on introducing a mascot until 2002, when a cute equine mascot called Rangers Captain was presented to the fans. The Captain wears a jersey with number 72, as a reference to the team year when the team moved to the Dallas Metropolitan Area from Washington D.C. The mascot is ...
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Oakland Athletics – Stomper

Oakland Athletics MLB Mascot – Stomper The story of the elephant mascot of Oakland Athletics is quite long and convoluted. But it’s a story worth telling, as they all are in the world of mascots. Unlike many mascots whose names and likeness take after an animal native to the area, or perhaps stemming from the name of the team, we assure you that elephants don’t live in Oakland – at ...
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nationals - screech

Washington Nationals – Screech

MLB Washington Nationals Mascot – Screech You can hardly have a mascot more apt for a baseball club based in the capital of the country than a bald eagle. Obviously the team also thought so and introduced Screech, a wide-eyed bald eagle in 2005. 2001 was a pivotal year for the Montreal Expos. The team was close to being dissolved after the MLB owners planned a contraction by two teams ...
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tampa bay mlb mascot raymond

Tampa Bay Rays – Raymond

MLB Tampa Bay Rays Mascot – Raymond Being a new team, the Tampa Bay Rays have had some issues developing a healthy fan culture, especially considering the not-so-stellar results in the first few seasons. However, viewership and attendance have steadily been increasing and the Rays are a fully-fledged, mature team nowadays. Mascots have certainly helped ensure this. Raymond is the name of the Rays’ mascot. He is a weird but ...
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mascot cleveland indians

Slider – Cleveland Indians

MLB Cleveland Indians Mascot – Slider The Cleveland Indians were established in 1984, making them one of the oldest teams around. They didn’t buy into the mascot ‘fad’ until 1990, though, opting to go without a mascot for quite a while. The Cleveland Indians therefore have a joyful mascot named Slider. He is modeled after the legendary Phillie Phanatic. However, unlike Phillie Phanatic, Slider is purple and pinkish, but he’s ...
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T.C. Bear – Minnesota Twins

MLB Minnesota Twins Mascot - T.C. Bear This over a century old team has been based in Minnesota since 1961, moving from Washington DC. Like the team, its mascot has a rich history connected to the local culture. The name of the mascot – T.C. Bear – comes from ‘Twin Cities’, i.e. Minneapolis and St. Paul. The ‘bear’ part comes, well, from the fact that he’s a bear. The official ...
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colorado rockies mascot

Dinger – Colorado Rockies

MLB Colorado Rockies Mascot – Dinger The Colorado Rockies hail from Denver, the mile-high city. The team was created in 1993 after a long-lasting campaign to get Denver a real MLB team, after successes in Minor League Baseball. After a year since the team came to the Rocky Mountains, they introduced a mascot – Dinger. Dinger was introduced on April 16, 1994 at Mile High Stadium, where he hatched from ...
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cincinnati reds logo

Cincinnati Reds Mascots

Mr.Red, Gapper, Mr. Redlegs, Rosie Red - MLB Cincinnati Reds Mascots As expected from a very mature and successful team, the Cincinnati Reds have mascots of their own. However, what you might not expect is that they have four of them. Yes, four mascots. Can you go overboard and is it too much? Is one the sweet spot? Well, the Reds obviously feel that the more, the merrier. Mr. Red ...
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fredbird - mlb cardinals

Fredbird – St Louis Cardinals

Fredbird - MLB St Louis Cardinals Mascot St Louis Cardinals are one of the most successful baseball teams of all time. Established in 1882 as the Brown Stockings, the team has a long history of great games and lots of excitement. The team introduced its first and only official mascot to date in 1979. It was in April 6 of that year then Fredbird hatched. He is an anthropomorphic cardinal ...
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milwaukee brewers mascot - bernie brewer

Bernie Brewer – Milwaukee Brewers

Bernie Brewers - MLB Milwaukee Brewers Mascot The Kings of beer from Milwaukee – the Brewers – may be one of the newer teams, but the history of their mascot is rich nonetheless. The team is the product of an expansion, when the Seattle Pilots moved to relocated to Milwaukee after a single season in 1970. The fans were excited to greet them, as the previous team, the Braves, together ...
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chicago white sox

Chicago White Sox Mascots

MLB Chicago White Sox Mascots This Chicago-based team has had its share of mascots throughout the last couple of decades. The story is quite interesting, albeit sad at times. The most recognizable mascot of the White Sox is certainly Andy the Clown. However, not many know that Andy was an unofficial mascot – just a fan with a big heart and lots of love for the team. Andy the Clown ...
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Paws - Detroit Tigers mascot

Paws – Detroit Tigers

Paws - MLB Detroit TIgers Mascot Being one of the oldest teams (established in 1901) with plenty of games under their belt, it was with that experience when the Tigers decided to introduce a mascot in 1995. The mascot’s name is Paws, and, as you might have guessed, he’s an anthropomorphic tiger. The origin of the name of the team – Tigers – is unknown, but baseball has had a ...
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ny yankees mascots

New York Yankees Mascots

MLB New York Yankees Mascot New York Yankees are one of the most successful and baseball teams of all time. One would expect them to have a meticulously designed and well-loved mascot. However, this is not the case at all. Today, the Yankees are among the very few teams without their own mascot. The club also consists of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Let’s ...
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the Moose, Mariners Seattle

Mariner Moose – Seattle Mariners

Mariner Moose - MLB Seattle Mariners Mascot The Seattle Mariners are a host to a very joyful and lively mascot named the Mariner Moose. He is a lovely brown moose with a cute face and lovable eyes. The Moose came about in 1990 after a statewide contest for children, where he beat a sea monster among more than 2500 entries. A fifth-grader Ammon Spiller from Bellingham suggested the Mariner Moose ...
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mlb mascots red sox - boston

Tessie & Wally – Boston Red Sox

Tessie & Wally - MLB Boston Red Sox Mascots The fantastic duo consisting of Wally and his sister Tessie the Green Monster are responsible for cheering for the team and entertaining the crowd at the Fenway Park.   The mascots got their names after the famous left wall at Fenway Park, which is mighty tall at 37’2”. It was built in 1912, along with the rest of the stadium, but wasn’t ...
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oleore bird mascot

The Oriole Bird – Baltimore Orioles

The Oriole Bird - MLB Baltimore Orioles Mascot The Baltimore Orioles are home to a mascot of a quite unimaginative name, the Oriole Bird. The mascot is also featured on their logo; a black and orange smiling bird. The mascot itself is black with orange chest and beak. It’s a pretty looking mascot that should appeal to kids. The Baltimore Orioles have changed their mascots logo a lot of times, ...
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Lou Seal - San Francisco Giants

Lou Seal – San Francisco Giants

Lou Seal - MLB San Francisco Giants Mascot A lovely maritime mascot decided to make San Francisco his home. That’s not surprising, thanks to a high seal population in the area. He is Lou Seal – or more precisely, Luigi Francisco Seal, and he’s currently rooting for the Giants. His ‘sealdom’ is a reference to the San Francisco Seals, who played in the Pacific Coast League until 1957. Lou got ...
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Rally Monkey - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Rally Monkey – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Rally Monkey  - MLB Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Mascot The team from the City of Angels used to have two mascots in the 1990s, Scoop and Clutch. These mascots were two bears in Angels’ uniforms. They went the whole hog and also had halos and wings. Over time, they appeared less often and gradually fell out of favor.  However, in the new millennium, another mascot appeared. His name was ...
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Swinging Friar - San Diego Padres

Swinging Friar – San Diego Padres

Swinging Friar - MLB San Diego Padres Mascot In our humble opinion, the San Diego Padres are home to one of the most interesting and unique mascots around – the Swinging Friar. Most think that the San Diego Chicken is the actual mascot of the Padres, but no, they’re wrong. He does appear form time to time, but he is by no means an official mascot. Yes, you heard us ...
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Billy the Marlin - MLB Miami Marlins Mascot

Billy the Marlin – Miami Marlins

Billy the Marlin - MLB Miami Marlins Mascot Billy the Marin is the official mascot of the Miami Marlins baseball team. Even though he’s a fish, he has apparently learned to breathe the warm summer Miami air through his gills, and grew two pairs of limbs to interact with the fans. He is 8 feet tall and at 250lbs, barefinned, a huge fish. He made his first appearance on February ...
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Clark - MLB Chicago Cubs Mascots

Clark – Chicago Cubs

Clark - MLB Chicago Cubs Mascot A young, friendly cub that goes by the name Clark is the official mascot of the Chicago Cubs. He is one of the freshest mascots around, having been introduced on January 13, 2014. He is the first mascot of the Chicago Cubs in the history of the club. Clark was designed by the Minneapolis-based Vee Corp., a family-based entertainment company. The company has worked ...
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Pirate Parrot - PIttsburgh Pirates Mascot like pirate bird

Pirate Parrot – PIttsburgh Pirates

Pirate Parrot - MLB Pittsburgh Pirates Mascot You can't really find a more fitting mascot for a team of Pirates than a good ol’ bird. The Pirate Parrot is green and wears a white or yellow Pirates jersey. At first, he wore more of the pirate-themed insignia and waved the Jolly Rogers quite often, but he was eventually redesigned after the incidents in 1985. He also gained a few more ...
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mlb kansas mascot - sluggerrr

Sluggerrr – Kansas City Royals

Sluggerrr - MLB Kansas City Royals Mascot A royal mascot for a royal club – it makes a lot of sense. But let’s clear something up right now – the name doesn’t mean there’s (or were) kings and queens living in Kansas. No, sire, the truth is way more stereotypical. The name of the club stems from the American Royal, a rodeo and livestock festival-slash-show with a century-old tradition, but ...
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sport mascot - homer - atlanta braves

Homer the Brave – Atlanta Braves

Homer, Rally, Chief Noc-A-Homa - MLB Atlanta Braves Mascot The venerable Homer decided to make Atlanta his home, where he serves as a mascot for the Atlanta Braves. Atlanta had a very interesting and tumultuous history with mascots, and that’s worth going over. The current mascot, Homer, has a baseball-shaped head, somewhat resembling Mr. Met, the New York Mets mascot. His full name is actually “Homer the Brave”, which sounds ...
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baxter cat mascot of arizona diamondbacks

D. Baxter the Bobcat – MLB Diamondbacks

D. Baxter the Bobcat - MLB Diamondbacks Mascot The Arizona Diamondbacks are home to a very peculiar mascot, D. Baxter. He first appeared on June 23, 2000 at the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field. He’s a tall cat with brownish fur, most of the time wearing a black shirt with the Diamondbacks’ logo on it. Now you might be wondering: what do bobcats have to do with Arizona ...
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phillie phanatic mascot

Philie Phanatic – Philadelphia Phillies

Philie Phanatic - MLB Philadelphia Phillies Mascot  Phillie Phanatic is the official team mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies. He’s a strange green creature that somehow walks on two legs. His official biography claims he comes from the Galapagos Islands. This makes sense, as he really is a rare specimen to behold! He’s one of the most recognizable sports mascots around. He’s one of the rare mascots that have appeared on ...
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orbit - houston astros mascot

Orbit – Houston Astros

Orbit - MLB Houston Astros Mascot A cute little alien named Orbit decided to make Houston his home and serve as a mascot of its baseball team, the Houston Astros. Being from outer space, he is all green and wears an orange baseball cap. And of course, his two lateral antennae extend into two baseballs at the ends. He’d be a lousy baseball mascot if it weren’t so! His tenure ...
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