National Football League Mascots

Freddie the Falcon - NFL Atlanta Falcons mascot

Freddie the Falcon – Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons Official Mascot - Freddie the Falcon Freddie the Falcon (real name Frederick) has been the Falcons’ mascot for over 35 years. His name is often a source of confusion, as he shares it with other two mascots of college football teams. This Freddie, however, is by far the most popular one – and represents the largest team by far. Recently, he’s been dubbed as the sport’s 11th creepiest ...
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Arizona Cardinals NFL official mascot

Big Red – Arizona Cardinals

It’s time to present you one of the sport’s most iconic mascots: the Big Red, an official mascot of the Arizona Cardinals. The iconic bird has been with us since October 4, 1998, when the team management decided the fans needed a little oomph to better their experience at the stadium. They weren’t wrong at all. Big Red is the integral part of every Arizona Cardinals home game at the ...
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