Official NBA Mascots

Brooklyn Nets Mascots

Brooklyn Nets NBA Official Mascots - Duncan the Dragon, Sly the Silver Fox, BrooklyKnight Much like the very diverse and colorful borough of NYC the team hails from, the mascots that this team had are also very interesting and very different from one another, each with its own creative direction and reasons for introduction. We’ll make our way from the oldest to the newest, and it’s a thrilling ride! Prior ...
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stuff the magic dragon orlando magic

Stuff the Magic Dragon – Orlando Magic

Stuff the Magic Dragon - NBA Orlando Magic Mascot The Orlando Magic have an instantly recognizable and an odd mascot. He goes by the name of Stuff the Magic Dragon. Why “Stuff”? That’s not too creative, you might think. Well, to “stuff” means to slam dunk, and besides the whole name is a play on Puff, the Magic Dragon, which is an old folk song by Peter, Paul and Mary ...
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rumble the bison

Rumble the Bison – Oklahoma City Thunder

Rumble the Bison  - NBA Oklahoma City Thunder Mascot Oklahoma City is home to one of the cutest mascots around. An anthropomorphic bison that goes under the name of Rumble the Bison, and has been with the Oklahoma City Thunder for a few years already.  Unlike some of the other mascots, Rumble the Bison doesn’t have a long history, but that is expected since the team is new as well ...
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Boomer the Panther Mascot

Boomer the Panther – Indiana Pacers

Boomer the Panther - NBA Indiana Pacers Mascot Boomer the Panther is the official mascot of the Indiana Pacers. Boomer is, obviously, a cat, more precisely, a panther. He has been a part of Pacers home games for a while now, since his debut in 1991 NBA season. He also goes by the name “Pacers Panther”.  Boomer is known all over Indiana, and he has been a very prominent figure ...
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benny the bull - chicago bulls mascot

Benny the Bull – Chicago Bulls

Benny the Bull - NBA Chicago Bulls Mascot The Chicago Bulls have one of the longest-lived sports mascots around. His name is Benny the Bull, and he’s a lovely red bull (duh) that’s been with us since we landed on the moon – yes, since 1969, making him the first NBA mascot ever. Uh, let’s get our records straight… um, it was actually his grand-father. Ugh, these bull family trees ...
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Houston Rockets logo

Clutch the Bear – Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets Mascots - Clutch the Bear, Turbo, Booster 1980s - Booster 1993. - 1995. - Turbo 1995. - Clutch the Bear Houston Rockets has had a rather tumultuous history, having three mascots over a rather short period. Booster It all began in the 80’s, with the first mascot called Booster. His most iconic moment, however, occurred in 1990, in a game against the Atlanta Hawks. Hawks forward Jon Koncak ...
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Lucky the Leprechaun mascot

Lucky the Leprechaun – Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Mascot - Lucky the Leprechaun The Boston Celtics have had the same symbol for quite a while and it’s – of course – a leprechaun named Lucky. He appears on the logo of the team and the mascot looks pretty much the same. The logo was designed by Zang Auerbach in the 1940s, although it was changed a bit in the late 1960s. Lucky is best recognized for ...
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Harry the Hawk mascot

Harry the Hawk – Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Mascot – Harry the Hawk The Atlanta Hawks’ official mascot, Harry the Hawk, is popular with lots of Hawks fans. To an outsider, he can look like an ordinary mascot, but those in-the-know will tell you different. Back in the day when many of the teams’ mascots didn’t even exist, the Hawks already had a mascot that’s as popular today as it was in 1985, when the mascot ...
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